Welcome to Oregon Ghost Society

Our Mission

The OGS was founded with the sole vision to produce one of the most advanced teams of professional paranormal investigators in our industry today.The founding members poured the foundation of success for what is known as the Oregon Ghost Society.

We utilize the latest in scientific equipment to help our clients prove or disprove the evidence of paranormal activity.

We believe that each team member will be cross trained on every facet of our paranormal industry.The OGS’s mission is to help our clients free of charge and continue to help educate the public.We instill confidence in our clients while maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.

We are highly dedicated to giving back to the community with different layers of outreach programs, donations, and community events.

A Little About Oregon Ghost Society

We welcome everyone to look around the website believers or skeptics, by clicking the relevant buttons at the top of the page you will be taken to that part of the site. The Oregon Ghost Society is a non-profit professional paranormal research organization dedicated to discovering the truth behind claims of paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena. OGS has a mission to provide information, support, comfort, and evidence to those involved, experiencing, or troubled by paranormal activity. Using the most technologically advanced methodologies and tools of the trade available, our team of trained and specialized investigators carefully review and analyze scientific data and personal experiences to determine if suspected activity is paranormal or para-natural associated with life after death and the continuation of human consciousness after physical disembodiment. Oregon Ghost society covers areas in Portland and the surrounding Willamette Valley as well as Southern Washington areas. Each OGS investigator has been carefully selected based on experience, technical knowledge, specialized training, education and a clean criminal background and respects each client's right to privacy. No Ouija boards, witchcraft, or metaphysical means are employed in our investigations. Copies of any evidence will be provided upon completion of evidence review. We offer no items for sale and accept no gratuities. We work only to help others resolve "paranormal" issues that may be negatively affecting their lives. Training, education, experience, and faith helps us do that safely. We have the resources and experience to face and evaluate some of the most extreme situations. Thank you for visiting The Oregon Ghost society site and enjoy your stay!

    Past Investigations

    Vancouver Washington 02/25/12 Residential
    Chehalis Washington 03/03/12 Residential
    Salem Oregon 06/02/12 Residential
    Independence Oregon 06/22/12 Residential
    Milwaukie Oregon 07/07/12 Residential
    West Salem Oregon 07/14/12 Residential
    Gresham Oregon 09/08/12 Residential
    Salem Oregon 09/21/12 Residential
    Hubbard Oregon 10/06/12 Residential
    Oregon City Oregon 11/24/12 Residential
    Hubbard Oregon 01/19/12 Residential
    Mulino Oregon 02/09/13 Residential
    Independence Oregon 06/15/13 Residential
    Mulino Oregon 01/19/13 Residential
    Salem Oregon 11/02/13 Residential
    Shaw Oregon 01/04/14 Residential
    Lyons Oregon 02/01/14 Residential
    Milwaukie Oregon 02/15/14 Residential
    Heritage Museum 03/30/12 Commercial
    Coffee Rush 03/31/12 Commercial
    Symposium 05/19/12 Commercial
    Heritage Museum 06/30/12 Commercial
    Wolf Creek Inn 08/03/12 Commercial
    Envy Salon 08/18/12 Commercial
    Peculairium Museum 08/25/12 Commercial
    Ragin' River steak Co. 09/07/12 Commercial
    Elk's Lodge 09/14/12 Commercial
    Klondike 09/15/12 Commercial
    Indipizza 11/03/12 Commercial
    Lafayette School House 11/10/12 Commercial
    Riley's Bar & Grill 11/17/12 Commercial
    Heritage Museum 02/23/13 Commercial
    Envy Salon 11/09/13 Commercial
    Bassanova Ballroom 04/26/14 Commercial
    Oregon Ghost Conference 03/09/12 Team Events
    Seattle Team Trip 06/08/12 Team Events
    Independence Ghost Walk 09/28/12 Team Events